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Coca-Cola has taken a step closer to using beacons to turn location-based marketing on its head

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It represents a major step toward Coke figuring out a role for beacons in its marketing mix, which is still shackled somewhat by its…

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There’s no question that a combination of location based marketing with gamification, effectively rewards for behavior, works.

The movie industry is in constant competition with everything from going to the beach, to sitting at home watching an ever increasing sized TV; and just like the music industry, it is becoming easier to view movies within a short period of their launch, without leaving your home to purchase or consume them.

This process appears to be designed to allay fears of invasion of privacy, but I’m not sure that is a big deal, because the only element that is different to other forms of cinema marketing really is the fact that they use the beacon to catch you at or near the…

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