Emergency Calls: Teens tracked by GPS in stolen car – Mansfield News Journal

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Mansfield News Journal
Emergency Calls: Teens tracked by GPS in stolen car
Mansfield News Journal
Police tracked the location of the moving vehicle using a GPS device kept in the car.

Source: www.mansfieldnewsjournal.com

This wasn’t much of a story to me in that I read stories like this every day, (including the part where the thief is almost always caught with either other stolen goods or illegal drugs0 but then I remembered that I am not you and we might not take the same stories for granted.

The days when stealing a car is easy pickings are disappearing. If you have a car that is worth not losing, i.e. you value it more than the insurance money and inconvenience, put GPS in it. There are loads of low cost solutions. Some people are even just hiding old smartphones with prepay SIMs wired into the car so they are always fully…

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Burning Plastic Rose by Robert Morrison

Burlesque Press

This bar’s fluorescents burn, shimmering
like the remnants of an exploded star, my slight hair slick
like oil mixed with gravel. I follow flashing blouse buttons
attached to sun-darkened skin, faux gold-plated
circles, not fastened all the way up, the shirt seemingly transitory,
inviting my wandering eyes, stiff like the beads of an abacus.

I count out my chances on my fingers, crude abacuses,
as every other person disappears, shimmering
and whited-out like a mistake. I hail the bartender for transitory
courage, as the girl flashes ivory tower teeth, a slick
way to gather my attention. I sip alcohol, plated
by its hops and barley, still not knowing which buttons

to press for bravery. My mouth closed as if by a button,
this girl becomes a mental equation no abacus
could solve, her smooth skin appears plated
on her bones, as if the sun’s shimmering
took over her shell. Standing…

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University Researchers Find Abandoned Wells Leak Substantial Quantities of GHG’s (Methane)


After testing a sample of abandoned oil and natural gas wells in northwestern Pennsylvania, the researchers found that many of the old wells leaked substantial quantities of methane.

Source: www.princeton.edu

>” […] To conduct the research, the team placed enclosures called flux chambers over the tops of the wells. They also placed flux chambers nearby to measure the background emissions from the terrain and make sure the methane was emitted from the wells and not the surrounding area.

Although all the wells registered some level of methane, about 15 percent emitted the gas at a markedly higher level — thousands of times greater than the lower-level wells. Denise Mauzerall, a Princeton professor and a member of the research team, said a critical task is to discover the characteristics of these super-emitting wells.

Mauzerall said the relatively low number of high-emitting wells could offer a workable solution: while trying to plug every abandoned…

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3 Ways My about.me Page Got Me a Job

The about.me Blog

As a student at Tulane University, nothing about me screamed traditional college student.

Though I had a range of experiences during my undergraduate years, they weren’t all linear. Anything that sparked an interest in me, I explored. This included blogging, organizing food trucks, working at music festivals, assisting event marketing teams and an array of other odd jobs.

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Tablet or Phablet?


  From an earlier post and after a shaky start I am now a self-confessed tablet fan. The ability to use a device as a full on computer on the move, away from the office, or even if I can’t be bothered to go into the home office to work is fantastic. Remote computing out and about or even from the comfort of your couch, is perfect tablet territory. When the opportunity arose to replace the old second phone, the wonders of the phablet (phone tablet hybrid) entered into consideration. Surely this would be a perfect solution? The take two bottles into the shower (tv ad for shampoo/conditioner) phrase crossed the mind! I could do away with the tablet and do all on this new phablet. I have to admit, the grey area that other articles mention may apply to home use of a phablet. But, they become two very…

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