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So it’s been quite a while since we posted. A lot’s been going on. First of all, we rent seasonally (Sept-May) in order to live in our Awesome Airstream, aka the “Chrome Dome,” so May was a crazy month. Soooooooo, we needed to move into the camper at the end of the month, and all the work on it needed to be completed before the end of the month so that it would be livable by the beginning of June. Also, May is the end of school for me, so giving finals and all that, plus I teach seniors so there’s some additional pressure and stress there too. Also I was 8-9 months pregnant during all that, so that added to the craziness. And Leif had finals of his own… And all the stuff that doesn’t go in the camper had to go into our storage unit, and all this…

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For Fathers everywhere…

Nice post about Fathers

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It feels, for me,

like the lifetime

I always wanted for you;

knowing you are

safe from the storm.

I have watched you

battling everything

for everyone.

You needed, in my opinion,

a safe harbour to rest

and renew yourself.

You are a humble man

who Blesses All.

Always and all ways.

Perhaps you may be

Blessed in the

Arms of Spirit

as you Sleep.

I conjure up visions of

Beautiful Women

to bathe you,

soothe you,

and towel you

with soft ferns

from the forest floor.

They have prepared an arbour

of juniper, cedar and spruce.

It leads you to a quiet

“Cabin” of mosses, lichen and sage

which smell of

sweet grass and fresh ocean breezes.

There are

pine boughs, feathers of myriad birds

and a feast of your favorite foods,

books and song birds serenading you.

For warmth, there are furs

and a “rug” of…

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The Dream Of Life – Alan Watts – YouTube


If you awaken from this illusion
and you understand that black implies white
self implies other
life implies death
or shall I say death implies life
you can feel yourself.
Not as a stranger in the world.
Not as something here on probation.
Not as something that has arrived here by fluke.
But you can begin to feel your own existence
as absolutely fundamental.
I’m not trying to sell you on this idea
in the sense of converting you to it.
I want you to play with it.
I want you to think of its possiblities.
I’m not trying to prove it
I’m just putting it forward as a possibility of life to think about
So then…
Let’s suppose that you were able every night,
to dream any dream you wanted to dream.
And that you could for example have the power
within one night to dream seventy five years…

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