Could desalination solve California’s water problem?


Desalination would seem to answer every prayer to fix California?s water shortages. But turning the sea into drinking water is not so easy. The state?s first major desalination plant, under construction in Carlsbad, is a major test for the industry and wary environmental groups.


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Martin Fenwick Should be Gruntled Right Now

#gruntled is a good thing

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Last week I had the privilege of attending a training program run by Martin Fenwick, author of The Change Factor: Insights For Leaders of Change. As a subscriber of my blogs including SoLoMo Consulting and The Future Diaries, you will know that change has been a major motivating factor in my life as a futurist, right back to the promise made to me and my contemporaries, that my problem in the future would be what to do with my spare time, as automation took care  of the majority of our human workloads.

BORDER-CLOSEDChangeI am passionate about change and the need for traditional businesses to embrace and create change, less it be foisted on them by a competing business model. Some examples of my thoughts on the book industry that you may have previously read are here.

Anyway, I am also passionate about languages and particularly the English…

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Evolution of the Meeting Rooms

spent enough time in these I should know all this, cute though

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Evolution of the Meeting RoomDo meetings different!

We all work with many different people on even more different locations.

To discuss our day by day business we all need to talk in different groups. But for many meetings you have to travel to the locations of your client, your partner or the workgroup you are a part one – which is time consuming.

So, let’s ask yourself the question:

Do you need to Travel to all this meetings?

Sure for some meetings we all have to go, as interacting with humans is more than video can transport. But there might be a fair amount of meetings where we might save a lotof expensive working time by using a different meeting room concept. Have a read….

Infographic on Meeting Rooms

There is a usefull Inforgraphic and some Whitepapers at Logitech made by Wainhouse Research and I love to share this with you.

Evolution of the Meeting Rooms

Click image to see a larger version via 

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