Tablet or Phablet?


  From an earlier post and after a shaky start I am now a self-confessed tablet fan. The ability to use a device as a full on computer on the move, away from the office, or even if I can’t be bothered to go into the home office to work is fantastic. Remote computing out and about or even from the comfort of your couch, is perfect tablet territory. When the opportunity arose to replace the old second phone, the wonders of the phablet (phone tablet hybrid) entered into consideration. Surely this would be a perfect solution? The take two bottles into the shower (tv ad for shampoo/conditioner) phrase crossed the mind! I could do away with the tablet and do all on this new phablet. I have to admit, the grey area that other articles mention may apply to home use of a phablet. But, they become two very…

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