An interview with internationally best-selling science fiction writer Patrick Tilley

Bloomsbury Reader

Patrick Tilley on creative freedom, finding inspiration in out-of-body experiences, and why you won’t find any ‘little green men’ in his science fiction.

Cloud Warrior smallTo celebrate sci-fi month here at Bloomsbury Reader, we spoke to internationally best-selling science fiction writer, Patrick Tilley. Tilley is the author of Fade-Out, which looks at the meltdown of society in the face of alien invasion, Mission, a sci-fi novel of biblical proportions, and The Amtrak Wars Saga, a six volume post-apocalyptic epic.

After a career in illustration and graphic design, Tilley broke into writing for television, before progressing to cinema. Luckily for sci-fi fans the world over, the silver screen didn’t agree with him.

“I was involved in script writing for major feature films – not always credited – finally culminating in a miserable six months,” Patrick explains. “After the last meeting I came back home thinking ‘there has to…

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