Poetic Inspiration

I’ve read quite a bit of poetry lately–Sweetness of Salt by MK Ajay, The Lost American by Michael Lee Johnson, Separate Destinations by Kendall Evans and David C. Kopaska, and the Widows and Orphans of Winesburg Ohio by Jared Leising. It’s nice to think about how a poet uses words or theme to connect a collection together. It’s also interesting to note how something like travel can appear as theme, subject matter, or can alter your reading of poetry. Alternatively, it’s compelling to understand where the writer was when penning a poem or how turning it into music can alter the perception of what a poem meant. I find that poetic settings–the day to day pictures that are presented to me, like the photo of Smith Tower in Seattle, or sounds or moods can inspire me to write something different. Whatever the case, poetry has added a lot to my life, friend, companion, dear diary, music, vocabulary, rhythm–all of it enhances my life.


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