FREE Lindt Excellence Bar @ ShopRite from 9/22 – 9/28!

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ExcellenceLindt Excellence Bars are on sale for $1.99 this week (9/22-9/28) at ShopRite

Watch a short video on Lindt’s Facebook Page then print out a $2.00 off 1 product coupon

Enjoy your free chocolate :)

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What makes a fictional character sympathetic?

Answer by Sheri Fresonke Harper:

A sympathetic character is one where the reader willingly goes inside the character's mind.

Most books start with the character thwarted in some way. A sympathetic character offers a compelling portrayal of how that character faces adversity.

Note: the save a cat idea is appealing but only if their character likes cats and the cat needs saving. Make sure the character acts on their wants almost immediately.

Some of the things to think about:

1) can most people relate to what the character wants and their willingness to sacrifice themselves in order to obtain the goal? Is it a worthy goal?

2) what is the mind set of the character? is it positive? or negative? do they whine or seek their own solutions? are they active or passive?

3) how does the character grow? does the main character set aside awful experiences and take on an improved state of being?

4) does the character seem believable? do you know people like this?

5) how different from the run of the mill is the character? if your character is too much like everyone else, why go there? If your character is odd in some manner, does the reader learn about that oddness?

Sympathetic characters feel emotions, recognize the needs of their bodies, and react to the world around them. Is the character portrayed with enough sounds, smells, sights, touches, tastes and reacting?

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What are some of the most iconic images of Indian Art and Culture?

Answer by Sheri Fresonke Harper:

An old symbol was the yoni / lingam duality:

This one taken at Khajurajo, see: for more info.

The Persian Wheel is a very old invention

This is spoken like a visitor and these are somewhat modern symbols:

Brahmin cattle or see:

The Sari and we saw these three wheeled vehicles everywhere, I don't know their name. See :

An unusual one is for the Jain religion–all the temples have bells or so we were told:

And my husband's favorite: Tata Trucks, we saw them everywhere


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Gardening is equal parts art and science. And if you’re a busy, forgetful urban dweller, it’s also as disappointing as it is rewarding.

Amit Kumar, a developer at an ad agency and avid gardner since the fourth grade, saw the ways new hardware products like the Nike Fuel band have connected data and computing with real life activities. For the last year, he’s been plotting a way to bring that idea to plants.

The resulting product is called Bitponics. It’s a wifi-enabled device for hydroponic plant growers that tracks a plant’s progress, keeping you up-to-date on when it’s time to flush or refill your reservoir, what lighting schedules are best, which pH range is safe, which nutrients are appropriate, and the ideal water and air temperatures. As it turns out, gardening is much more complicated than overwatering or underwatering.

Kumar got into hydroponic gardening when he moved to Brooklyn; the…

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